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Wholesale Bundles - 4 Options to Choose From

    You now have 4 choices when it comes to being a wholesale customer. Log in now and see all your options 
  1. Create your own wholesale bundle, by selecting our retail bundles. Add 3 or more to your cart and the discount automatically applies. Retail bundles - you pick 
  2. Want to just buy what is HOT right now? We have created packs of 25 based on 5 of our hottest selling retail packs. Retail Bundles of 25 pre made 
  3. Don't want to be scrolling and picking yourself?  No worries, leave it to us and we will pick the quantity you require based on whats hot right now and whats in stock. Pre-Made bundles - we pick for you
  4. Want to pick out every claw yourself? Easy! Just use these two collections below to build out your own collection. Individual Hair Claws - Eco-friendly Hair Claws