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XL Quartz and Organic Rose Infused Soy Candles 450g

Just shy of half a kg of beautiful soy wax with double wicks this baby is HUGE.  Up to 100 hours of burn time.

Infused with loving rose and white quartz and organic rose buds for that extra special touch.

Your candle will come with either rose or white quartz, chosen personally by us 

 Scent Menu:

Caramel & Vanilla - enriched with sweet and salty butter caramel with a balance of rich, creamy vanilla, coconut and tonka bean (a customer best seller)

Watermelon Sugar - Cool and refreshing, an energising fragrance. Notes of sparkling citrus, juicy melon, sugary sweet sparking note and a hint of tangerine

Fresh Ginger Cookies - A delicious combination of nutmeg, clove, ginger and cinnamon blended with sweet caramel.  

Sweet Sugar Cookies - That warm butter cookie smell with creamy notes of vanilla and a light sprinke of sugar

Caramalised Brown Sugar and Fig - Fresh figs, peaches and coconut milk blended with vanilla orchid, freesia make up the top notes, with vanilla, caramel, maple sugar and musk at the bottom